Airworks is an independent engineering consultancy for advanced systems.
Combining vast design skills with a thorough knowledge of manufacturing, we help organizations develop outstanding technologies for Space, Defence, Wind Power and other demanding domains.


We regard the following segments as our key areas of competence: Airframes for UAS & Air Defence Systems, Spacecrafts & Space Instruments structures, Aerostructures, Jigs & MGSE, Composites, Wind Rotorblades, Wind Turbine Components.
Furthermore we welcome different assignments, particularly where clients require lightweight, modular mechanical frames or special designs withstanding extreme operating conditions.


With a work capacity of 40.000 hours / year, Airworks provides reliable management and execution to projects.
Our experts are the company pivot, each one delivering a unique combination of knowledge, advanced analytical thinking and pragmatism. This makes our approach both sophisticated and practical, with people often involved seamlessly in design, manufacturing and testing.


Airworks is headquartered in Gorizia (Italy). A second design center has been set in Rome, to strengthen the aerospace capabilities, while the manufacturing are carried out in Udine. Since foundation (2008) Airworks has been operating in the global market.


Airworks’ typical collaboration model is based on fixed price contracts. Within projects the scope of work can extend from engineering work packages up to turnkey “Design & Build” assignments (particularly: prototypes and low-rate productions). On request we also provide consulting at customer site.


At Airworks we help clients stay within budget. Regardless of the market, we believe each development shall have affordable costs consistent with product utilization and commercial targets. The technical efforts shall be comparable to the goal. High-end technologies obviously require remarkable optimizations. In other circumstances simple, practical solutions that comply with the technical specification may be the ideal choice. Every time our approach is tailored to the specific business case, considering the designs options that best fit both technical requirements and cost boundaries.


In business people have visions and work together, exchanging money, data, knowledge, with the purpose of achieving collective results. Authentic success is possible only when integrity permeates such relations. Being Airworkers means being people that other people can trust, honest, fully committed. Fairness will be always paramount in our company culture.