SpaceSpace Systems

Cosmo - Skymed 2nd Generation - Phase C3

MacroTiles Mechanical Analysis
Generation of detailed FE models and model checks (free-free, gravity, thermoelastic).
Structural and thermo-elastic sizings based on bolt verification (interface forces) and stress evaluation resulting from quasi-static, thermoelastic and random loads.

Panels Mechanical Analysis
Generation of detailed FE models of lateral and central panels and model checks (free-free, gravity, thermoelastic)
Structural optimization of the primary structure (frame) according to static and dynamic requirements.
Mechanical assessment under quasi-static and thermoelastic sizing loads:
• Antenna Bolt verification (interface forces);
• Stress analysis of the primary and secondary structure (frame, blades/Standoffs, Heat pipes);
• Stress analysis of composite parts (laminate and honeycomb);
Sine analysis in the frequency domain (accelerations, forces, stress).
Notching masks