Hi-Tech SystemsInstrument Optomechanics

EUVL Grazing Incidence Collectors

AirWorks tasks in this project:

  • Support to Opto-Mechanical Design
  • Mechanical design and configuration control of the Collectors
  • Development of the mirror cooling system
  • Materials compatibility with plasma, EUV light, vacuum
  • Design of permanent and demountable joints
  • Design of the Heat Exchangers
  • Design of adjustable supports systems for mirrors
  • Design of jigs and tools

Furthermore, AirWorks supervised then analytical and experimental development:

  • 1D Simulations of the cooling system
  • Experimental fluidynamics, Measurements. 1D model calibration

Main Challenges
High dimensional stability (10μm) under extreme thermal impact (10kW)
High accuracy manufacturing, assembly and co-alignment of mirrors