Clamp Band Tool (CBT), Vibration Table Adapter (VTA) and Dummy Satellite (DS) for OptSat3000 Qualification and Acceptance Tests

Design, analysis and manufacturing of:

  • Vibration Table Adapter (VTA): multi platform (shacker) interface for Qualification and Acceptance Tests
  • Clamp Band Tool (CBT): Clamps items with PLA 937 VG profile to VTA
  • Dummy Satellite (DS): OptSat3000 dummy satellite, to be used for Qualification Tests, simulating original Satellite Inertial Properties

Hoisting Device for Space Platform (TSS and RC configuration)

Tradeoff Design and stress analysis with contact modeling on both the configuration.

FEM was created using a mix of 1D, 2D and 3D elements. Stiffness and strength check were performed.


AirWorks engineers were involved in the followng tasks:

  • Design of thermal insulation
  • Test set-up design
  • Design of MGSE
  • Handling & test procedures

EnMap / 2012 to date

Activities currently being performed for Kayser Threde programme:

  • Design of Risk Mitig. Telescope
  • Design of Mirror Bonding Jigs
  • Design of OE Transport Container