Airworks will improve project management and modelling using data

A large contribution of € 43.077 in respect to an an investment of € 71.095 been granted by Regione Autonoma FVG to our vision for AI powered project management at Airworks SRL (“DITWICO”) in the framework of POR-FESR 2014-2020 – sec 1.2.a.1. The diversity of our projects spanning from instrument designs to high tech machines makes it complex to elaborate cost models, schedule and resource plans. Thus, to improve our capability we will leverage on AI applied to all our data accumulated over 14 years of operations



“ABE” follow-up project “OLSIV” gets co-funded

The initiative “POR FESR 2014-2020 – A 1.2.a.2” will support “OLSIV” (Laboratory and workshop for vibro-acoustical systems), a new project that aims to implement the results of the R&D programme “ABE” in the field of noise and vibration control.

Airworks allocated an investment of 220.670 euro for “OLSIV”, with a co-funding share of 77.235 supported by Regione Autonoma FVG.



Airworks is lead partner of R&D project “ABE” (reduction of maritime related noise, vibration and chemical emissions)

initiative “POR FESR 2014-2020 – A 1.3.b” co-funded a joint project of AIRWORKS S.r.l., Università Degli Studi di Trieste, MICAD S.r.l. and METECH S.r.l., called ABE.

The project ABE is designed to give an answer to a set of problems related to engine vibrations of merchant and cruise vessels, with consideration to the hull-related noise impact on the marine environment. ABE considers the interconnection of noise, vibration and chemical emissions inducted and generated by engine, it plans the research of design methodologies and technologies for emissions reduction in order to provide a set of new services systems and new products




Airworks ICT investment plan gets funded by POR-FESR 2014-20

The initiative “POR FESR 2014-2020 – A 2.3.b – 23b1 bis” granted € 32.497 to our recent investment in the company software infrastructure (€ 64.995), which will be crucial for our activities in the domain of R&D


Enhancement of an Aeroelastic Solver for Design Optimization of HAWT

University Roma Tre (hereinafter UR3) Rotorcraft group, on behalf of AirWorks Engineering (hereinafter AW), developed and improved a code for HAWT’s aeroelastic optimization during the period September-2013/June-2014,.
Technical Note to be deliverd to POR-FESR board.
The final goal of the work was the enhancement of the aeroelatic-design
optimization tool developed in the previous years. The aim was to improve both the availability and the quality of the aerodynamic models, of the bladebox modeling, and of the optimization criteria, in order to be more useful and a more direct aid in the preliminary-design phase of HAWT blades layout.
Furthermore, the solver has been given a GUI, currently at its Beta-Version, to be usable from a common user in a friendly way.

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Pale eoliche per il mercato globale

L’esperienza nel settore aerospaziale ha aperto le porte dello sviluppo nelle rinnovabili
Articolo tratto dal quotidiano “Il sole 24 ore” del 28/10/2013
Airworks srl è una società di ingegneria per progetti avanzati, nata nel 2007 per iniziativa di Alessandro Targusi, Stefano Picinich e Christian Scaramozza.

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Making Optimization a Shared Experience

Enterprise Suite allows teams to build the advanced multidisciplinary optimization workflows that are critical to complex system design.
Published on “Desktop Engineering
No longer an oddity or curious interloper, wind turbines are settling in as a familiar part of both urban and rural landscapes. Yet beneath their simple and majestic stature belies a design complexity that tests even the most technically astute engineering organizations.

Just ask AirWorks, a contractor for advanced projects in the space and defense

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